Women's Breath

Dance-Theatre with live music. Ideally this performance is the result of interaction with musicians and coming from the place that I visit. A simpler version of the performance with recorded music is also available.


Mask-Performer: Carmencita Palermo
Musicians and singer/actor from location

This is a performance which began with the search for the source of the life of the mask - which is pure breath. Combining the Balinese Topeng mask dance technique and the Italian Commedia dell’Arte, Carmencita explores the breath of several female characters. Different breaths, different ages, different strengths bringing to life the power of the dancing feminine. It is a joyful journey that will take you through Asia, the Middle East and South America. It’s an interactive performance which will mesmerize you into the rhythm…

The live music builds from the interaction between the performer and musicians. A vibrant atmosphere is created by the continuous improvisation.
Join in… every performance is different!

Duration: from 40 to 60 minutes according to the program.
Light: three spotlights on stage and possibly light on audience (also suitable for outdoor space and day time)
Amplification for musicians if necessary.

Women's Breath- part of the Floripa Teatro Festival in Florianopolis 
Brazil 11-12 Oct 2013.http://www.floripateatro.com.br/Department of Performing Arts -CEART of the Stat University of Santa Catarina-UDESC, producers- Circulo Artistico Teodora and the project Mulheres in Cena- Women in Theatre by CEART-UDESC coordinated by Prof Maria Brigida Miranda.
MUSICIANS- Professor Luigi Irlandini, Kyra Serquettani, and the Duo em Preto e Branco- Mario Cesar and Oto Henrique.

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